Kickboxing Las Vegas

Are you ready to take your fitness training to a higher level?

Kickboxing Trainer Las Vegas

Just looking to start working out and get in shape?
Are you looking to lose the extra pounds you have been putting on and cannot get rid of them?

Kickboxing is the workout that will do all of that and never get boring. It’s a constant learning program that keeps your body and mind challenged. Kickboxing training will relieve more stress than just doing cardio on a boring machine that you will get tired of and stop your new fitness program.

Most people starting an exercise program quit due to lack of progress or knowledge of what they are doing. Let a professional with close to 40 years experience help you achieve new goals, recharge your metabolic system and changing the way you look and feel. Stop the procrastinating, now is your chance to make the changes you have been thinking about, but never acted on.

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Teaching Kickboxing And Fitness Is A Passion

I enjoy watching my clients transform their bodies and abilities It is very gratifying to watch the enthusiasm and progress when an individual sees and feels the benefits of kickboxing training. I love teaching and have a method to translate what I know in an easy “makes sense” language. I have been training for so many years that I won’t allow a training session to be boring. Personal empowerment comes from being physically and mentally stronger.

What You Learn In Kickboxing

Your going to start learning stances for kickboxing, punches, kicks, knees, elbows, bobbing, weaving and blocking strikes. Yes all of that in the first session and it will be much easier to learn than you may have thought. Why is it easier than expected? Knowledge is power and my passion as a Martial Arts instructor and personal fitness trainer allows me to convey my methods and techniques to anyone willing to learn.
My ability to read each and every client strengths and weaknesses allow me to help you learn and understand every move in kickboxing and conditioning. Understanding what you are doing makes each movement have meaning and purpose. You will learn more about your body and develop the Mind-Muscle Connection. Proper technique and form will prevent injury and make every muscle fiber react the way you want it to.
My warm up uses all your body parts and not only gets blood flowing, but also prepares you for a workout. You will not be running around the room in a session with me. Every session is a learning experience to take you to the next step. All of the conditioning exercises are an infusion of Kung fu, kickboxing and modern exercise science.

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You can combine kickboxing and strength training!

My workouts are never boring and change in the workout equals change in your body.